Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And so it begins.

That world on the side. You know what I mean. The place where those little fantasies turn in to legends. The place where a sentence can turn in to a fable. That world that you escape in to when life gets real. 
On the way to that world, beside Imagination and Reality, is this tiny space. In this tiny space, all of your fantasies wait. They wait to be spoken of, they wait to be written, they wait to be known. Thats where this blog is. It may not be pretty, or realistic, or right, but it will be. And thats all that matters.

So prepare yourself traveler, hero, gypsy. Because now I'm on the loose, and there is no place to hide.  

((And now, I'm me again. When I speak in brackets, I am talking... not like some freak. My blog is going to be mostly RolePlay based, I will post in-WoW (yes, I'm a World of Warcraft geek) RP stories, out-of-WoW RP stories, etc. If anyone ever reads this (HAH!), you are welcome to comment, in RP speak if you wish because that would be awesome, or E-mail me. Please, feel free to tell me that I am doing something all wrong. I want feedback! ))

Good luck and good hunting,
Lupis Darkmoon

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