Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday Five questions and answers - Luake

(( Its a profile like post. Still RP related though. I'm answering with my little tauren druid, Luake. ))
1. What is your characters most notable flaw?
2. What is your characters greatest strength?
3. What is a crowing moment of awesome for said character?
4. What is their most bitter moment of failure?
5. What is one quality, trait, fear or habit of your character that just doesn't fit in?

1. What is your characters most notable flaw?
Luake thought about this question for a while. She felt a bit uncomfortable telling her flaws to a stranger, but she had an obligation to answer truthfully. Eventually she looked at the asker and said slowly, shyly, "I admit I do not trust myself enough.. I am, what some would call, incompetent, you could say.. I try not to be but.. how am I supposed to trust myself when those much greater then me are being proven wrong every day? Surely they are much wiser then I." She realized that she was blushing, and lowered her head as if to escape the gaze of the asker.

2. What is your characters greatest strength?
This was a hard question for her to answer. She didn't think she would feel so awkward trying to answer such a question. After a moment of thought, she settled with saying, "I doubt I have a great strength, but.. I would say of all of my strengths, great or not, my best would be my willingness to learn. Or at least that's what my mentor, E'lu Skyrage, says.." Again she found herself blushing furiously and ducked her head, closing her eyes briefly.

3. What is a crowning moment of awesome for said character?
Her greatest moment? This puzzled her, and she pondered it for some time. She remembered no great moment, only times of incompetence. Perhaps when she grew older and more experienced she would have such a moment, but now, the question made her feel rather depressed. "I do not remember any such moments... But my proudest moment would be, perhaps, when I was accepted in to the great Earthspear Tribe by the Chieftain, Huatar Earthspear. I never imagined that I would become a part of such a great people.." She lapsed in to silence, feeling strange when talking about a moment of greatness. 

4. What is their most bitter failure?
Ah, an easy question at last. She answered instantly. "When I ate tainted grain and my animal spirits became corrupt and angry. I'm still trying to calm them.." As she said this, she thought back on the time when she had told E'lu Skyrage about the corruption of her animal forms, and shivered slightly. Not with fear or shame, but mixed emotions that she could not yet name, and a feeling of loss, learning that even great Druids like her mentor could lose so much to animal spirits that where supposed to work with the druid as an ally. The world, she thought, was a bitter place.

5. What is one quality, trait, fear or habit of your character that just doesn't fit in?

Another hard question. She thought over all of her traits, habits and fears, sifting through them as if looking for gold. Ignorance? No, that fit her perfectly. Shyness? Same. Suddenly something came to her. "I love my animal forms, they guard me from the harsh world.. but I know I shouldn't ever go in to my animal forms, not until they are calmed. I suppose that it doesn't fit me, as a person, either.. My animal forms are aggressive, violent and reckless, polar opposites of me.." She realized she was making very little sense and blushed, putting a paw on her nose as if to keep herself from speaking any more. She was thankful that was the last of the questions, she had discovered enough carefully hidden truths for today. She was tired now, and feeling insecure...

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